Gabon: Africa’s untouched Destination

When it comes to Wildlife Safari Destination,  most of us think of  Countries in  South Africa but GABON in Central Africa is where Party is.

Yes, Gabon, a small country in central Africa, which is still unexplored and unheard by many.

Whereabouts of Gabon

Gabon is located on the Atlantic coast of central Africa. Located on the equator, it hales the nice equatorial weather, with almost 85% of the country covered in rainforest.

Libreville, the capital city is the biggest city of Gabon.

Gabon Equator
The Board on Earth Equator !!!

When and how to Visit Gabon

With 85% of the city covered with rainforest, it rains a lot  so plan accordingly,

  •  May-Sep: The dry season makes overland transport faster and wildlife easier to see.
  • Jul–Sep: Have a close encounter with a whale swimming off Gabon’s coastline.
  • Nov–Jan: Spot turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches.

We went to Gabon in Mid of July and were lucky enough to spot Wildlife and Hump whales. As per locals, Turtles of about 6 feet long come and lay eggs on the beaches in the month of November.

How to reach Gabon

Fly with Ethiopian Airlines, which is one of the major players in central Africa and have a fleet of Dreamliner 787 which makes it best possible option.

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport based in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is the first entry point to central Africa.

Most flights from the USA, UK and Asia stopover at Addis Ababa. Flight from Addis Ababa to Libreville, Gabon is close to 7hours 30 mins.

Where to Stay

Hotels like Le Merdian, Park Inn by Radisson, and Radisson Blu in Libreville, are the best places to stay for Holiday or Business tour.

View from the Room of Raddison, Libreville

These hotels are nearby International Airport so commuting is less time-consuming. Most of these hotels do provide airport pickup and drop, so do ask for same at the time of booking.

It’s all about the National Parks!!

Yes, We all are here to explore the unexplored, and Gabon has to about 13 National Parks.

Lope National Park

The biggest National Park among 13, covering about  4,910 km2 is about 500Km( 6-8 hours drive)  from Libreville.

Green and Smooth Drive to Lope

The Drive from Libreville to Lope is good but the last leg of 100 Km is off-road, So start your journey early morning to reach before dawn.

Lope Resort is only and the best choice for a stay in Lope National park. Rooms are Comfy and clean and have all Basic amenities one can ask for.

Built next to Ogooue river, mornings are bliss at this Resort.

The View from Lope Resort, Lope National Park

Chances of Spotting, Elephants, Gorillas, Chimpanzee are very high in Lope.

A small family of Elephant spotted within 10 mins drive!!


Pongara National Park

Pongara in Gabon is near the capital Libreville along the Komo estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, just 40 mins ferry from City, behind a beautiful hotel resort “La Baie des Tortues Luth Hotel“. A small yet very dense and totally untouched.

Pongara National Park

One can contact hotel for Ferry, which leaves at 9 am from Dock and returns 5 pm back to the city. Pick and drop is no charges, but activities like a jet ski or whale watching can be arranged from the hotel at the chargeable basis.

Fun activities at hotel!!

We enjoyed our day at the pool and doing some fun activities like water sports and visited Pongara National Park.

One can enjoy the lap of luxury with amazing food, hookahs, and drinks and spend some leisure time with family.

Time to Soak in Some Sun!!

Ivindo National Park

Another famous and dense national Park of Gabon, Famous for the 2016 Hollywood ” The Legend of Tarzan (2016)”

Ivindo is about 12 hours drive from Libreville and a must visit National Park. There are about 7 in 10 chances of spotting Gorillas  !!

The road to Forest !!

Stay in Ivindo is not as luxuries or comfy as Lope Resort, So do carry most of your Basic amenities with you.

More about these National Park  >>>>Click to Read.

We are not yet done…

Nope, This is just a beginning or shall I say Preview of Gabon and whereabouts.

Will Be back with 2 more blogs on Business opportunities in Libreville and Gabon National Parks.

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