Punjabi Food Festival at JW Marriot

When love for Punjab overtakes the Capital!!

Date 17th November 2018: It’s a perfect Saturday morning and Punjabi in me wakes up craving for yet another food fiesta.
Thanks to my Favourite place in Delhi NCR, JW Marriot where they are having this amazing Punjabi Food festival called Amritsari Swad by Chef Sweety Singh .

Art of Spice by Chef Sweey Singh..

The 11 -day celebration lends to the glimpse of some traditional and authentic preparations by the master of ‘Art of Spice’ Chef Sweety Singh who is also known as Harjinder Singh. He is specialized in preparing authentic Punjabi cuisine using his own combination of spices which he carries with himself where ever he goes.

Food From Amritsari Swaad Festival..

The magic of Amritsari-Punjabi is all about the culture and love

Menu: – Amritsari Swad

Address: JW Marriot ,Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037
Available from: 16th November to 26th November 2018

Hours: Lunch: 1230 hours- 1500 hours
              Dinner: 1900 hours -2300 Hours

Pricing: Lunch (INR 2450++)                Dinner (INR 3150++)

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