Gabon has it all!!

Yes, Gabon has it all, from amazing weather to deep forest to Endless opportunity for Business.

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GSEZ: Gabon Special Economy zone

GSEZ is a successful Public Private Partnership project between Olam International Ltd (Singapore) and the Gabonese Republic, With more than 1100 Hectare of the land for GSEZ, it is spread in three zones, Industrial, Commercial and Residential.


GSEZ, Gabon Special economy zone
GSEZ, Gabon Special economy zone Office
It's all Planned !! GSEZ
It’s all Planned !!

Gabon is a land opportunity with more than 1.7 Billion FDI investment and over 80 investing companies. With a very small investment and an experience, one can actually start his own business here.

Wood Industry in GSEZ
Wood Industry in GSEZ

Gabon Ports: Its all connected

Yes, Gabon is well connected and lots of business flows via Ports in Gabon

Few of the very famous and big Ports in Gabon are likes of Ports of Owendo and Libreville.

GSEZ Mineral Port Site Office
GSEZ Mineral Port Site Office

With Two Large Ports, One for Minerals and other for Cargo, these ports are the lifeline of Libreville for minerals requirements to daily product needs.

Mineral Port

The new Mineral Port of GSEZ is the solution harbor logistics for all industrial wishing to export their productions.

In effect, the Gabon has many mining resources and companies wishing to exploit them faced always in the past to the logistical problem and the high cost for the export of their products.

It has built in the space of 12 months an ore harbor intended for small mining operators who had no solution harbor logistics to export their production.

Mineral Ports GSEZ
Mineral Ports GSEZ

It’s Spread in about 45 Hectare and is 1.5km of long and 300m wide over the sea.


General Cargo Terminal Port

A total cost of US$ 255 million, of which US$ 194 million already invested, the area of the transit of 18 hectares dedicated to the traffic of containers and general cargo which is designed specifically to improve the logistics capabilities in Gabon.

It has 3 millions of tonnes of annual capacity which is always expanding and brings lots of opportunities and adds more to the economy.


Crain at Cargo Terminal Port, GSEZ
Crain at Cargo Terminal Port, GSEZ
Stacked Cargos at GSEZ Cargo Terminal
Stacked Cargos at GSEZ Cargo Terminal

That’s not all

Gabon has lots to offer in terms of local business from  Variety of  Wood available.

Also as the economy is booming and Gabon is on growth, the city has lots to offer for new investments and business.

Types of Woods in Gabon
Types of Woods in Gabon


For more Information and contact details on Ports and GSEZ check out its Site at


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