Forgotten city: Kolkata-

Once thrived as a capital of British India ,before powers shifted to Delhi .

Kolkata is all About passion and glory, Yes those glory days were numbered after freedom,but the city still clings on those historical places which are now part of the government and have the sheer amount of visitors to them.

Our itinerary was short as we sneaked out on  weekend for a short and crisp trip to explore the city’s gems and must visit places.

Kolkata is well connected with flights and trains from major cities of India.

We arrived an evening before  our weekend getaway of 2 days. Checked into the hotel “The Oberoi grand” on  Nehru road a walking distance from famous park Street.

Day 1 :Exploring around Park Street.

After a good night sleep at amazing property of Oberoi Grand , we started our journey after sumptuous breakfast in hotel

Kolkata is one of the best-connected city  ,be it the famous yellow taxi , Uber, Metro, and Tram. As the weather was pleasant we stepped out looking for a yellow taxi , within minutes we hopped in a yellow taxi which was quite clean* ( the only instance out of our 3 rides) .

First Up,‘Victoria Memorial Hall ‘ ,  on Queens Way is right Behind St Paul’s Cathedral , With four gates and huge lawn with a green cover which provides shelter from heat, though you will be competing for space with couples cuddling behind umbrellas.

Victoria memorial hall
Victoria memorial hall

Victoria Memorial hall houses a museum, including arms gallery, antique books, and a sculpture gallery . It’s one of the most picturised places in Kolkata in Bollywood movies.

The locality surrounding Victoria Memorial comprises of extensive lawns known as ‘The Maidan’. It’s also one of those places where you’ll find people of all ages either exercising or playing a sport especially Kolkata’s Favourite ” Football”. Towards the northern side of the maidan, we have the heart of government , with raj Bhavan and Vidhan sabha .

The Maidan: For the fresh and unwinding time in Kolkata
The Maidan: For the fresh and unwinding time in Kolkata

One for the Cricket Fan.

With just 500m walk from the Maidan , stands the biggest stadium in India ‘Eden Gardens’, the mecca of cricket for Indians. Built in the year 1864 it’s one of the oldest and greatest cricket ground in the world of cricket .If you are a cricket fan like us then this is a must visit place in Kolkata.

Eden Garden View From Top
Eden Gardens View From Top


Next up, Howrah Bridge , about a ~5 kilometers from Victoria Memorial hall.

Howrah Bridge in evening
Howrah Bridge in evening

It’s one of the oldest and probably sees the most traffic of any cantilevered bridge in the world.

There are two Howrah  bridge , Old one, and a new one.

The new one doesn’t have that charm that old Howrah bridge carries along.We visited old one during the evening while returning back to Park street , its awestruck view when it glows yellow and pink from distance .

Take a Howard ferry ride in the evening , there is a ferry almost every 15 mins from places around . We bet you would love the view .

Sorting Out Dinner

After returning to Hotel, We planned for our dinner at ‘Peter Cat’  located on park street. Keeping in mind they don’t take advance table booking’s  , we left  early around 19:30 to see about 12 more fellow dinner in waiting. Took us around 20 mins to get our table.
But the wait was worth it . Peter cat is one of the legendary Place to eat in Kolkata , Famous for its Chello Kabab platter and super amazing sizzlers. This place has its own charm of classy Kolkata.For detailed Review on Peter Cat Click Here.


That’s it from Day 1 in Kolkata.  For Day 2 Click 

Would Love to hear your views or any queries on Kolkata Getaway . Do let us know in Comment down Below.


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