Not just another Pizza Joint

Gurgaon houses lots of Pizza joints but none of them serves the what goes best with pizza !!! Beer & Wine.

Fat Lulu’s is one such stop which serves amazing pizza with supercilious drinks especially the Sangrias. Yes, most of the pizza joint in the town are only focused on pizza but Fat Lulu went one step ahead and optimized the other aspects that revolve around the pizza that is drinks and desserts.

Location and ambiance

Located in ” Crosspoint mall in Dlf Phase 4, Opp. galleria Market.”  It stands facing main road on the first floor of the mall. Coming to the ambiance, we loved the rustic and old world charm of this place. With old murphy radio to table fan with three fins to red colored Coke cold box, gives this place a very unique and warm comfy touch.

Wonderful Props and classy decor
Wonderful Props and classy decor

The other thing that made us really relaxed was the super comfy sofas. Much appreciation to the interior designer for getting all those artworks and props together. Also to mention about the ever so classic soft music playing in the background. Be it jazz & Blue or ragtime, some of the songs which we never heard but so good to ears. The volume of music is just perfect to have an easy conversation with your friends or partner.

Full fledged Bar by Dillifoodies
Full fledged Bar

Best Pizza in the town!! Period .

When it comes to food, Fat Lulu’s cafe & bar does enough to load you with options, be it waffles or sandwich or burger or even kinds of pasta & off-course pizza. Options are endless. We tried few items like ” Bacon Jalapeno Poppers” ,our personal favorite and quite frankly a must have in appetizers.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers by Dilli Foodies for Roads Uncharted
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

For pizza, we went ahead with one single pizza but half in half pizza(makes it two actually).  We ordered, “The Trump” which had pork(bacon) in it. We really didn’t know the relation between trump and pork here but it was just fantastic. The other half was “Fire in the hole”, having one of the hottest chillis. So two totally different and tasty toppings in one pizza made it the Best Pizza in Gurgaon for us.

Half n Half Pizza at Fat Lulu's
Half n Half Pizza at Fat Lulu’s

Pizza’s Best friend ” Beer and Wine”

As said before, pizza is actually in-complete without a perfect drink. Fat lulu’s came up with this cafe and bar option which is indeed a very welcome change.

Be it a variety of beer options liks “White rhino” to “Peroni” or variety in wine Sangria’s, which we highly vouch on. My personal favourite is spiced berry sangria.

Spiced Berry Sangria by Dilli Foodies for Roads Uncharted
Spiced Berry Sangria

Apart from beers and wine they do have fully fledged bar with domestic to premium brands all available.

Food Goes to stomach but desserts to heart

Fat Lulu’s cafe and bar won our heart at this when we read a play card on table about the desserts from Bombakery, which is another best place for cakes and cookies.

We would defiently be coming with all new story on Bombakery soon but right now this small colab of Fat lulu’s and Bombakery is perfect match for their customers like us.

Red Velvet Cake Jar by Dilli Foodies for Roads Uncharted
Red Velvet Cake Jar


If you are looking for a perfect place to host a party or even sit down and grab few drinks and eat good food then Fat Lulu’s Cafe & Bar should be on your list. Also not to forget about damages to pocket this place would keep your pockets warm for sure.

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