Breakfast Buffet in Gurgaon!

How many Breakfast Buffet places in Gurgaon  do you know outside a star rated hotels?

The Warm Cosy Interiors!!
The Warm Cosy Interiors!!

After lots of research, we found this place ” The pasta bowl company” which actually serves buffet breakfast.

Gurgaon and Delhi have many breakfast places but none of them serves a typical breakfast at pocket-friendly prices, Unlike hotels, you won’t find Paratha or bhaji being served. Only English breakfast.

What do we have in the buffet?

Now, that’s the first question we too had, like every normal human tendency, we did check on what’s in buffet!!

So, to start with, fresh fruit to flakes with hot and cold milk, some really nice in-house baked bread with a good platter of Cheese.

Freshly baked breads from Pasta Bowl Company
Freshly baked breads from Pasta Bowl Company

We are just getting started!!

Coming to savories, we loved the baked pasta alongside rosemary potatoes.

In House chicken sausages with cheese filled in were our favorite and not to be missed!!

Food is here!!


Wait, made to order is still pending, yes they do have made to order menu also which had eggs and pancakes, so for our favorite part of the morning was yet to arrive, Cheese mushroom omelet with a fresh glass of orange juice.

Ending with Hot chocolate with marble bread was the perfect way to end our breakfast journey.

It’s not yet Over.

The place is also famous for pasta’s for which we will be going back really soon.



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