When Art meets Brunch

Over the hectic week of hustle and tussle at work, a good meal and a few fun activities with friends makes a weekend better and raring us jump up to the next one.

So, we planned up for something that has it all and over past weekend we hopped in our cars and went straight to Art Brunch at JW Marriot, Aerocity.

Where art meets food and as Christmas is around they had something really interesting planned for all those visiting…..Read on to know about it all.

Where is the Food?

Being a food blogger, I crave for a good hearty meal and what’s better than food at Sunday Brunch at K3 at JW Marriot, Aerocity

Food at K3 is my all time favorite. It has one of the biggest buffet Brunch in Delhi NCR



With Live grills to Indian Street food Chaat in Lawns of K3. It is among my favourite place to Grab a plate and sit outside.

Live music and perfect service make the experience even better.


When does Art meet Food?

We were enticed as renowned artist Jai ‘Zaiu’ Ranjit created his magic by painting live on a Mercedes-Benz C-Class in his unique style, while we savored on delectable art-inspired food prepared by the skillful culinary team at the hotel.


As the mood was festive, and the atmosphere was cheerful, as the hotel invited guests to join in their yearly cake mixing ceremony. It was a perfect afternoon to soak in the sun over a tempting brunch with, wine, art, and festivities in equal measure leading to an efficacious event.




A total of 100 kilos colorful ingredients; fruits, raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, dates, nuts, and spices were mixed together with a variety of liquors.

The final mixture will be kept for around eight weeks and left fermented until just before Christmas time.


That’s not all…

JW Marriott gave us the ultimate sensory experience with exceptional dining options like K3 (All-day Dining showcasing Tuscan, Cantonese and North Indian cuisine);

The Oval Bar which offers premium spirits paired with gourmet appetizers from around the world.

The Delhi Baking Company (DBC), which is the hotel patisserie, has products like baked goods, great co, fee and culinary lifestyle products, as well as a simple eat-in menu, making it the perfect destination to meet for business or leisure.

Cheers and stay happy.


Hope You like reading. Do let us know in the comment section what else you would like to read.

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